We Go North Listing Guildelines

We have our Partners' best interest at heart. Our dedication to quality, trustworthy, and relevant listings help Partners and Visitors get the most out of our website. We love your listings, and want to see them rolling in.

Our tourism focus means that we are looking for certain types of listings.

Here are the partner listings that we allow on the site:

  • Businesses with a physical location that a tourist would be able to visit
  • Attractions with a physical location. Think giant Beaverlodge beaver or Dawson Trail
  • Organizations that might interest a tourist, such as Community Village
  • Events happening in the region

Listings may be edited or rejected if they:

  • Use all-caps in headings and/or text
  • Need content polishing (e.g. grammar, spelling, formatting)

Listings will be rejected if they:

  • Violate any laws
  • Are false or misleading
  • Use any type of profanity or other inappropriate language
  • Do not fit into the Tourism focus of the website
  • Infringe on any third-party right
  • Distribute or contain spam of any kind
  • Promote adult or erotic products and/or services
  • Are a single listing for an organization's or event's services. For example, if your organization can host events (i.e. weddings, parties, etc.), you can put that information in your organization's listing; however, you may not have an individual listing for that service.

Please note, this list can and will be frequently updated. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you are also adhering to following the rules of this list and any changes made to it.

We Go North reserves the right to edit or reject any listing on the site at any time. You may be or not be notified of any edits or rejections that are made.

Thank you for helping us make We Go North an exciting, interesting, and wonderful place to promote the region!