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Dawson Creek to Tumbler Ridge

Tumbler Ridge
The highway route between Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge offers some of the most spectacular hiking and scenic viewing opportunities in the world. This region is at the northern end of the Rocky Mountain range, and it’s considered both a hiker’s paradise and one of the best-kept secrets in the region. Take Highway 52 south from Dawson Creek to begin your adventure – and don’t forget to bring a camera!
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The drive from Dawson Creek to Tumbler Ridge takes about 90 minutes. Tumbler Ridge is located off Highway 52 (Heritage Highway) to the south of Dawson Creek. The drive itself is very scenic, but the real reason why visitors make their way off the beaten path to take this route is for the spectacular views and hiking opportunities. The Tumbler Ridge area is at the northern end of the Rocky Mountain range, and it’s one of the best kept secrets in the Dawson Creek area.

There are two well-marked trailheads along the highway. These are the Teepee Falls Trail and the Murray Canyon Overlook Trail. The hike out to the viewing areas and back to the parking lot at each trailhead is about 6 km round trip. As you get closer to Tumbler Ridge, you’ll see the Flatbed Pools Trail and the Flatbed Falls Trail. As you can imagine, these wilderness areas offer picturesque views of waterfalls. Both of the Flatbed trails lead to swimming holes that can be accessed during the summer.

Core Lodge Road leads to even more hiking and viewing opportunities. The Babcock Falls Trail leads to another waterfall and a swimming hole. The Boulder Gardens Hiking Route provides a unique walk through towering boulders and giant crevices. The Roman Mountain Trail and the Quinette Mountain Trail each offer more of a challenge and steeper climbs. There’s a really challenging hike you can take here called the Five-peak Circuit. You’ll hike 27 kilometers over five peaks in one day.


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