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Sewell Valley Game Farm

Dawson Creek
The Sewell Valley Game Farm near Dawson Creek provides an opportunity to see some of the native wildlife species, as well as some more exotic animals. While you may be accustomed to elk and mule deer, there are other surprises here such as musk oxen and fallow deer from Africa. Make a day trip to the game farm to enjoy a glimpse of these animals and more.


There’s no zoo to attend in Dawson Creek, but the Sewell Valley Game Farm more than makes up for it. The farm has 11 species of large game that you can view, as well as smaller animals such as peacocks, rabbits and ducks. There’s even a gentle horse for the children to ride. Tours must be booked in advance to view this special attraction.

The Sewell Valley Game Farm has a herd of bison that is very popular with visitors. You’ll also find common game species such as deer and elk. There are several reindeer, and more exotic species such as fallow deer from Africa, and even reindeer. Rent a pedal boat to enjoy the 14-acre lake on the property, or go fishing. You can enjoy a hay ride through the property to see how many of the different species you can catch a glimpse of.


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