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Quality Falls

Tumbler Ridge
Quality Creek drops over a number of waterfalls as it flows to the Murray River. The Quality Falls Trail leads to the uppermost of these falls along a one kilometer trail. There is a picnic site and viewpoint at the falls.
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From Tumbler Ridge, take the Heritage Highway (Highway 52) towards Dawson Creek. Look for a sign and clearing on the left, 6 km from the junction of Mackenzie Way and the Heritage Highway. There is a large sign at the far end of the clearing. 

The falls drop 7 meters over a resistant sandstone layer, with softer rocks below the ledge. From the viewpoint, the trail drops down to creek level in a series of switchbacks. The extra walk is worthwhile, as it provides a better view of the falls and allows the more adventurous hiker to walk up the creek to the base of the falls for a refreshing swim.

Just be careful of rapidly rising water after summer thunderstorms. Once you reach creek level, look for American Dipper which breed in the canyon behind waterfalls, and often fly up and down the creek.

Less conspicuous is the Pacificslope Flycatcher which frequents the creek and canyon banks. From here, the creek has 3 more waterfalls and passes through a deep canyon.

A trip downstream from here is recommended only for experienced and well-prepared adventurers.



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Quality Falls From Tumbler Ridge, take the Heritage Highway (Highway 52) towards Dawson Creek. Look for a sign and clearing on the left, 6 km from the junction of Mackenzie Way and the Heritage Highway. Tumbler Ridge British Columbia
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