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Bison Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray
Located just outside the city of Fort McMurray, a unique buffalo statue. The statues are carved from stone, graces the side of the highway and is widely considered one of the more distinct attractions of the area.
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The Bison Project began in 1993 with a small drawing from artist Brian Clark which made its way onto Syncrude President & CEO Jim Carters' desk. The original concept was for a 2 dimension sign at the entrance to the minesite.

The initial sculpting began in May 1995 with 2 workers from the nearby Ft. MacKay community. As work progressed into June, Brian's brother Randy Clark was brought in as Project Co-ordinator along with 10 more Ft. MacKay workers and Noremac Sandblasting to make up for rainy weather delays. The majority of work was accomplished through June & July, and completed by the end of August.

The Bison Gateway opening was held on September 3, 1995 with Alberta Premier Ralph Klein unveiling the sculptures to over 3400 people in attendance.

The sculptures attract over 4000 tourists a year to the Bison gateway.

Seven 4 meter tall siltstone Bison, the sculptures average 35 tonnes each



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