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Beaverlodge Beaver

Beaverlodge celebrated its 75th Anniversary of incorporation on July 21, 2004, and part of our celebration included the unveiling of a Giant Beaver Sculpture on the highway corridor.
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The "Beaver Project" was initiated by a local entrepreneur Alex Lojczyc, who had always dreamed of giving Beaverlodge something to bolster town spirits and encourage tourists to visit our pretty little town. It all began in February, 2004 when the idea took shape. From there, grant applications were submitted and donations were solicited. With the support of all the generous contributions and encouragement of Recreation Director, Randy Boettcher, town office staff and council, the dream became a reality!

The Beaverlodge Beaver is an engineering marvel. It took 90 gallons of polyurethane to coat, approx. 13 gallons of paint, and 18 blocks of foam to make the sculpture. Heavy Industries in Calgary built the beaver in two section, the beaver and the log. The site was prepared by Dick's Sand and Gravel.

The beaver weighs: 1,500 lbs

The log weighs 1,500 lbs

Beaver is: 18' long

10' wide

10' high

Log is: 5' high

20' long


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Beaverlodge Beaver Hwy 43 Beaverlodge Alberta T0H 0C0
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