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Olds College first opened its doors on November 21, 1913, then named the Olds School of Agriculture and Home Economics.  Students studied field husbandry, farm mechanics and domestic science, emphasized hands-on training and learning the most up to date techniques.  Program areas divided along traditional gender roles, with women learning sewing, cooking and home care and men focusing on farm, business and agricultural courses.

Move forward 100 years, and Olds College still upholds the values and traditions that date back to our beginning, including small class sizes, specialized training and extension education. Courses today still emphasize practical, hands-on training, just like the first courses back in 1913.

As Canadian industry has grown, so too has Olds College. For almost a century, our emphasis on hands-on training, applied research, and innovative learning has resulted in graduates who are in-demand and have the skills and the tools they need to succeed. Olds College is the largest agricultural College in Alberta and graduates approximately 25 percent of English-speaking agricultural diploma recipients in Canada. Students come from every province in Canada, and ten countries around the world to experience the College's unique brand of quality education.

As we look to the future, and as Canada's population continues to grow and become more urbanized, Olds College and its programs will continue to advance and adapt to meet the changing needs of industry and entrepreneurs. Our international reputation is growing, as we have spearheaded projects in more than 30 countries. Olds College will continue to strive be the premier Canadian integrated learning and applied research community specializing in agriculture, horticulture, and land and environmental management. Olds College is an environment for learning, inquiry partnership and communication that supports our students, our employees and our communities in the service of society. 


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