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There’s a great opportunity for rock climbing about 20 kilometers west of Chetwynd. Hassler Crag is located along Highway 97, across from Houde 56 Road. There are about 40 single pitch routes up the cliff. It’s a short hike to reach the area, but the view from the top of the climb is spectacular.
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Hassler Crag is a favorite summertime climbing spot near Chetwynd. Drive west from Chetwynd for about 20 kilometers, and look for Houde 56 Road. You can park in the grass and hike across the highway to reach the cliffs. It only takes a couple of minutes to reach the climbing area, and it is located on public lands.

There are about 40 single pitch routes up the cliff, and the rock is mainly quartzite. When you reach the peak, you’ll have an excellent view of Pine Pass and the surrounding farmland and timber. There are private landowners nearby, so all climbers should be respectful when it comes to noise levels, and carrying out trash.


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Hassler Crag British Columbia 97 Chetwynd British Columbia
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