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Old Baldy Hill

To get a great view of Chetwynd and the surrounding area, take a hike up Old Baldy Hill. The hill is 210 meters high, and it offers a picturesque view of the town and the northern Rocky Mountains. Two different trails will lead you to the top.
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Don’t forget to bring your camera if you hike to the top of Old Baldy Hill. It offers the best view of Chetwynd and the surrounding region, with the northern Rocky Mountains in the backdrop. It’s a moderate hike to the top of this hill, which measure about 210 meters in elevation. There are two different trails that lead through the Chetwynd Community Forest.

Old Baldy Trail is about 2 kilometers in length. It’s well maintained for hiking, but fairly steep in places. Old Baldy Ridge is a 3 kilometer hike to the top, and the trail is more “rustic.” There are viewpoints along the way with benches, so you can sit down to rest and enjoy the views. Keep in mind that you’re in bear country, and take the proper safety precautions on your hike.


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Old Baldy Hill Chetwynd British Columbia
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