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Little Prairie Heritage Museum

The Little Prairie Heritage Museum will give you a good sense of the history and culture of Chetwynd. It’s just west of town off Highway 97. The museum is housed in the old general store and post office that date back to 1949.
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The Little Prairie Heritage Museum is just minutes away from downtown Chetwynd. Drive west on Highway 97 to get there. You can browse artifacts and old newspaper archives, and learn about the history of Chetwynd and the surrounding region.

The museum itself is housed in a building that dates back to 1949. It used to be the town’s general store and post office. Today you’ll see antique farm equipment, quilts, trapping equipment and other artifacts related to Chetwynd’s history. The museum is open through the summer.


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Little Prairie Heritage Museum 5633 Westgate Chetwynd British Columbia V0C 1J0
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