You Can't 'Beet' How Good These Taste

Aug 15, 2012

Beets Northern Alberta Seasons play an important role in what we grow and how we eat, ultimately defining our food culture and local boundaries.

Predominately flavorful summer fruits take all of the seasonal glory when it comes to cooking. Most people do not think root vegetables are seasonal, for they are available year-round  yet most are in their tasting prime from late summer to early fall.We would like to bring to light one of the most underrated root vegetables - the beet.

As far as I can personally remember, beets were always a dark red entity that lived in my grandmother’s root cellar, only brought out holidays and eaten straight from the Mason jar they were canned in.

Last week, while dining at a local bistro in Grande Prairie, some roasted beets stumbled across my plate as a garnish and I was hooked. With the foodie trend sweeping restaurants all across Canada, chefs are able to play with seemingly simple ingredients, such as beets that grow rampant in the Peace Region.

Branded as being not only a “super food” but also as natural aphrodisiac, beets have come a long way from being just canned.

Check out one of our favorite recipes for roasted beet salad, or share your favoritre recipe with us on our Facebook Page.

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