Exploring the Terrain of Tumbler Ridge

Aug 14, 2012

Quality Falls Tumbler Ridge Just recently, a couple of our We Go North team members headed for the hills in picturesque Tumbler Ridge. Tumbler Ridge is the perfect place to plan an outdoor escape with just under 40 different signed and designated hiking trails.

Various trails offer a wide choice of terrain that is suitable for different skill levels. Our team members choose to explore Flatbed Valley and Quality Falls.

Flatbed Valley is just outside of Tumbler Ridge with an assortment of trails. Most of the trails at Flatbed are rated as moderately difficult.

The longest trail is packed with primarily hard gravel and exposed tree roots winding first a high mountain ridge and then dropping into a canyon forest of Lodgepole Pine, Trembling Aspen and White Spruce trees and then finishing with the Overhanging Rock Pool and Top Pool.

Hikers can also visit Cabin Pool, where dinosaur tracks litter the ground to the delight of children and adults.

Quality Falls is also a short drive from Tumbler Ridge. This 1200m trail to the falls is rated as easy, and provices a stunning hike that most skill levels can accomplish.

Pathways wind through the pine with layered rock and the sound of the falls in the distance. Before reaching the actual falls, there is an interpretive sign educating hikers about the falls' journey to the Murray River and eventually ending up in the great Arctic Ocean.

The falls themselves are worth the voyage a spectacular multitude of flowing streams over jagged rocks. This is a must see for any visitor or local.

Pictures are worth 1000 words so take a look at our gallery.

For more hiking information check out some of the hiking trail listings. For an extensive list of the Tumbler Ridge trails check out this great download

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