Take the Perfect Hike

Aug 7, 2012

Hiking in Northern Alberta There are so many great places to hike in the We Go North area. Hiking is a great way to get outdoors while taking in some of the most breathtaking views in Canada. Whether you are just starting out or an expert hiker, safety should always be a priority.

We asked our We Go North resident hiker to give us a few tips on how to make every hike a great one.

It’s Alberta and British Columbia, be prepared for any weather – stock up on the essentials and ensure you are prepared for any situation that may arise. A good start would be to bring socks, a tarp, rope, a poncho and multiple sweaters. The key to hiking is being able to add layers for cool temperatures and shed layers when it warms up, and you just can’t do that with one big jacket.

That furry guy over there isn’t Yogi – No matter how many cute animals’ pictures you see on the internet, seeing a wild animal up close is dangerous. The safest bet is to make sure they hear you long before you spot them; having bear bells, an air horn, and bear spray for emergencies is a must. This is the one time where it is okay to sing loud and proud, you want these furry guys to hear you.

Don’t forget the munchies – When you’re on the side of a mountain and hunger arises you can't just pop into a nearby 7-11. Bring more than enough food to keep you going, things like fruit and veggies for natural sugar, trail mix and some chocolate are good for a quick energy boost and beef jerky packs well. No matter what tasty treats you bring, keep them sealed and in your pack otherwise you could be attracting unwanted visitors.

Happy feet, happy hike – Dry socks and good shoes can make a world of difference, especially when you still have a few kilometers to go. Opt for hiking boots or functional cross-trainers, and although perfect for city use, skate shoes are not the best.

Lastly, keep hydrated and tell people where you are going and when you plan on returning. No one wants a “127 Hours” situation.

With some planning and precautions, hiking is a fantastic way to spend the day.

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