Moose and More in Manning

Jun 25, 2012

Manning Moose The We Go North Region is unique for so many different reasons, one of them being our apparent love affair for giant town mascots.

If you happen to be in Manning it is hard to miss their grandest resident, the majestic moose. The Manning Moose stands tall at a staggering 9 feet and is constructed of fiberglass weighing in at approximately 200lbs.

Manning is known for being a community that embraces its surroundings and the large charismatic creature that calls this region home. With vast forested areas, wetlands, and muskeg, Manning is a perfect location to spot some Canadian wildlife.

Although the town’s icon was constructed in Wisconsin, the antlers that grace this creature are real and were shipped from the Manning area for construction.

A great community to visit for the giant moose and more.

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