Wanham Plowing Match Still Going Strong

Jun 14, 2012

Wanham Plowing MatchThis weekend the 42nd annual Wanham Plowing Match will take to the field for a full on family affair. One of Wanham’s most anticipated events the annual event consists of horse and tractor pulling, exhibits, horseshow pitching and more.

This weekend’s event is a tradition that has been ongoing since 1970 with most of the daily activities remaining the same as they were 42 years ago; the first Wanham Plowing Match was opened by then Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta, Grant MacEwan.
The camaraderie of the plowing match was the springboard of bringing a small community together. On that first day Grant MacEwan opened with words that hold true to this day.

"I can't help but reflect upon one of my earlier trips to Wanham. It was a number of years ago. I do know at that time, when you mentioned Wanham, you were thinking of a depressed area. What I've seen today, the jaunt through the countryside and what you have done by way of community spirit and community effort is a transformation and a revelation that is just wonderful. I confess I don't know the whole story about COCO, but it is something that is homegrown and intensely original. My admiration reaches its peak when I see people do things such as you have done. You have something here that must fill you with pride"

Forty-one years later and the folks of Wanham are gearing up for another plowing match, this event has proved to be more than an ordinary event to the folks of Wanham but a part of their spirit and community.

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