Mainstreet Alberta - A Unique Shopping Experience

Jun 18, 2012

Shopping Peace Region There is something to be said for the small city experience and even better for the small city shopping experience this goes beyond big box stores but those remarkable treasures that are only found in those classic main streets that so many big cities have lost the charm of.The main streets of the Peace County are filled with quirky decor stores, delectable fashion designs and some local noshing spots that will send your taste buds on a culinary adventure.

On our main street modern allure like Sole Addiction meets picturesque one of a kind treasures like the pieces at Pure Home, on further are the melt in your mouth preserves of Laurel’s and the classic news stand of Al’s News—one of Grande Prairie’s oldest establishments.

Just a quick jaunt out of Grande Prairie brings you to Sexsmith stepping back into a time of tradition and old-school charisma for some of the best provisions this area has to offer, for the foodies at heart some of the best cured and fresh meats at Double B’s Butcher shop and just up the road the sweetest treats your lips will meet at the iconic
Sexsmith Bakery.

Heading west to Dawson Creek a scenic route of only a little under two hours bringing you to the home of Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway and beautiful gateway town to the scenic landscapes of Northern BC rich in culture and home to a wide variety of artists and purveyors of one of a kind goods.

Northern Alberta goes beyond ordinary and is home to some of the best in the’ll see when you get here!

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