Head to Hilliard's Bay

May 28, 2012

Hilliard Bay Lake Provincial Park Lesser Slave Lake As avid adventurists here at We Go North our staffers are most looking forward to seeing the beauty in Hilliard’s Bay Provincial Park on Lesser Slave Lake. As a mix between shore and surf Hilliard’s Bay is a fantastic place for the entire family.

Hilliard's Bay is a fully equipped recreational zone for swimming, boating and camp facilities there; is no lack of excitement at this provincial paradise.

The lake has a reputation for being one of the top Walleye fisheries in North America. Other fish species include Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish and Yellow Perch.

Bird aficionados love Lesser Slave Lake because it is located on major migratory routes of a large number of bird species such as eagles, swans and pelicans.

Looking to get there? Turn onto seconary Highway 750 from Highway 2. Followy secondary Highway 750 past Grouard, and follow the signs to Hillard's Bay Provincial Park.


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