The newest stop on your trip through Grande Prairie: Trapped - The Escape Game

Nov 4, 2015


Trapped: Escape Game

People are always looking for new and exciting things to challenge themselves and have fun. 

Weather you are just passing through town, are on an extended stay or live in Grande Prairie, you have to take a shot at this wit-testing activity.Trapped, The Escape Game, has brought that excitement and challenge to Grande Prairie in the form of an interactive, team-oriented game. 

The games are 45 minutes and have various different themes. Emerse yourself into any one of the four scenarious with two to eight people and see if you have what it takes to crack all of the codes and solve all of the misteries to escape the themed rooms.

The themes change and evolve over time so there will always be a new test waiting for you. 

Book your game today either online or by calling and allow the mental challenges of escape be brought to life!



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