Sports Builds Strength

Mar 5, 2015

Those of us who live in the Peace region know very well how important sports are to our communities. In fact, one could say sports has a much greater impact here than they might have elsewhere. We live in smaller communities that are more isolated from each other by geography and, often enough, weather. Sports help build communities, relationships, help people to form and maintain healthy lifestyles, and, in a very real sense, are vital to maintaining our way of life here in the North.

sports excellence awards, sports awards, northwest alberta awards, northwest alberta sports, alberta sports, alberta sports awards, peace region awards, That’s why this year’s first annual Northwest Alberta Sport Excellence Awards are so important.

Both the Alberta Sport Development Centre Northwest and the GP Sport Council are dedicated to developing sporting opportunities and excellence in the Peace region. As a part of that mission, they are hosting the Northwest Alberta Sport Excellence Awards. The awards, which are presented by We Go North and the Stonebridge Hotel, are designed tohonourthe volunteers, coaches, athletes and sponsors that make amateur athletics possible in the Peace.

The awards are divided into two main categories: High Performance Awards and Community Awards. The High Performance awards willhonourthe coaches and athletes who excelled in 2014 and who helped to bring pride and success to our extended community. The Community Awards willhonourthe too often unsung heroes wholabouraway in the background making everything possible; the volunteers, the officials, the involved citizens, and the businesses who sponsor both the events and the athletes who take part in the events. These awards celebrate not just the role that sports play in the Peace, but also all the people who work so hard to make them possible in the first place.

On March7th, the awards will be presented in an exciting, high energy gala evening at the Stonebridge Hotel. The special guest will be Grande Prairie’s own Ryan Blais, who spent 12 years as a member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team. Ryan will be speaking about his trials and tribulations as a professional athlete. There will also be wine, hors d’oeuvres and ample opportunities for mingling. Tickets are still on sale for $25 and dress is semi-formal.

If you’re interested or involved in sports in the Peace, this is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people. Come and join the Alberta Sport Development Centre Northwest and the GP Sport Council in celebrating northwestern Albertans who have demonstrated excellence in sport.

To learn more about the Northwest Alberta Sport Excellence Awards, check out the event listing.

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