Three Easy Recipes to Give This Holiday Season

Dec 23, 2014


I am notoriously lazy when it comes to baking. I want to follow the recipe to the letter, but I never do. These are my skimmed down recipe hacks for my favorite Christmas recipes, along with quick links to the originals. Feel free to pass these on to a friend, or use as fuel for your Pinterest board.

Sweet and Saltines

This treat is also known as ‘Christmas Crack’ or ‘Skor Bars.’ It’s a mixture of salt, caramel, chocolate and pretty much any topping you choose. I like to spice this up a bit by melting butterscotch or dark chocolate chips with a teaspoon of oil. This helps it melt and keeps it in a liquid state longer. Mix until smooth and plop it into a zip-top bag. Cut the tip off and decorate away!

Peppermint Men Ornaments

Don’t let the name fool you, you can make these with any shape of cookie cutter, which is explained in the original recipe. However I love the look of gingerbread men among my dull colored squares of goodness. Make sure when you are spraying the cookie cutters with cooking spray to coat them heavily, otherwise the peppermint candy will not pop out smoothly. This does cause excess oil build up, however you can wipe that off with paper towel and allow the candy to dry for a bit longer.

Puppy Chow/Deliciousness

This recipe is fun to make with kids, and can be turned into a nut or gluten free version in a pinch. I leave the butter out and make an extra bag of icing sugar to mix half the cereal nutella mixture in - color contrast is always good right? If you ever mix in too much sugar, just pour the Chow into a sieve and let the powdered sugar fall out.

Add some big candy cane bits, dark chocolate flakes or red and white candies for a festive feel, although they may become coated in sugar and lose their vibrant color.

I have been passing out a few of these treats as my hosting gifts for the parties I have been attending this year. This time around, I layered them together in large decorated mason jars to give them an extra touch of love and paired them with another jar filled with their favorite coffee beans. Have a Happy Holidays and stay safe.

Guest Blogger: Rachael Ingram

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