An Ugly Tradition

Dec 19, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Dec 19 2014How do you turn a trend into a tradition? In the case of Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, you take equal parts nostalgia and sarcasm, and mix them thoroughly using the ironic equivalent of a wooden spoon. Bake until ready and serve with your beverage of choice - possibly eggnog.

The Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon was originally meant to both poke fun at and, at the same time, celebrate the schmaltzy sensibilities of the 1980s. Christmas in the 1980s was a time when people wore ugly sweaters in earnest, as a way of expressing their genuine sentiment and holiday spirit. The first Ugly Christmas Sweater-themed events involved hunting in thrift shops, and the occasionally closet, for authentic 1980s vintage Christmas sweaters – the uglier the better.

These days, authentic ugly sweaters from the 80s are hard to find. However, if you have one of these parties marked down on your calendar, fear not. A number of companies have stepped up to supply the demand for them by producing new, replica ugly sweaters. If your sweater isn’t vintage remember that in this day and age, ugly Christmas sweater parties are more about having a good time than if your sweater is vintage or not.

This year in the Peace, there are three big events where you can get your ugly on. In Peace River at the Belle Petroleum Centre on the evening of December 20, Scott Porteous and Rizwan Mohuiddan will be presenting a hilarious evening of comedy and ugly sweaters at Comedy Ugly Sweater. Tickets are $15 per person or $100 for a table of 10.

On the evening of December 23 in Grande Prairie, Better than Freds is having their 4th annual Ugly Sweater Party. The party this year features 8 live bands, including Northwest Passage and Minty Betrayal. Doors open at 7pm, music starts at 8pm, tickets are $20 in advance and are available at Freds.

Also on the 23, Maddhatters is putting on their 8th annual Ugly Xmas Sweater Party. DJ Cypher will be performing and the eggnog will be flowing.

Find the ugliest piece of knitwear you can get your hands on and come put the "party" in Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

For more information on upcoming ugly Christmas sweater parties, check out the events calendar.

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