No Peace in the Peace

Aug 28, 2014

metal, heavy metal, outdoor concert, rock, beaverfest, heavy rock, metalDo you enjoy a nice, quiet weekend - free from loud noises and excessive excitement? Does your idea of the perfect Saturday involve listening to birdsong and the sound of rustling leaves as you sip chamomile tea and watch clouds drift by? If that sounds like a good time, then you’d best make yourself scarce on August 29 and 30, because there’ll be no peace in the Peace. Why is that, you ask?

Beaverfest 2014 in Valleyview!

First held in 2006 in Sunset House, Alberta, Beaverfest is a celebration of Canadian music, and the biggest, loudest party in the north. This year it triumphantly returns to Alberta - bigger and louder than ever before. On August 29 and 30, Valleyview will be the temporary home of more than 50 of the best metal, rock, punk, electronic, and folk/country bands in Canada and thousands of the best music fans in the world.

The mayhem kicks off Friday with metal madness. More than 20 metal powerhouses are going to take over the two stages and thrash their way through your braincase. Protest The Hero, Silverstein, The Body Politic, Wolfrik, The Equinox, Riot in Paradise… if your face doesn’t melt, you’re not human.

Day two starts off with some punk and rock courtesy of Gob, Belvedere, The Weekend Kids, Abandin All Hope, and even some country rock with Bootleg Saint. They’ll heavy it up again in the afternoon with Nightseeker, Striker, The Order of Chaos, Quietus, Windy City Slaughter, and Gravesend. When dusk falls the place will be vibing with the electronic grooves of The Funk Hunters and Longwalkshortdock, world music group Delhi 2 Dublin, Sweatshop Union’s Hip Hop jam, Reggae from The Steadies, and straight up rock from the likes of Mounties, Willhorse, Forester and Cowpuncher.

Oh yeah, there will also be a beer garden and family activities. With a line-up like this you’re going to want to stay awhile, so make sure you take advantage of the Weekend Camping Pass.

If you like music that’s not shy, then head to Valleyview and let some of Canada’s best rock, metal, and indie acts punch you in your ear-holes! If you prefer chamomile and clouds… well, you’ll want to be somewhere else.

For more information on Beaverfest 2014, check out the event listing.

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