Get Sand in Your Boots!

Jul 24, 2014

sand sensations, sand sensations bc, sand carving festival, sand sculpture festival, sand festival, sand sculpture, sand carving, sand carving competition, sand sculpture competitionSummer has arrived in the Peace, and that means it’s the perfect time for camping, canoeing, and… carving?

That’s right; in particular - sand carving! If you’ve never seen a sand sculpture competition, the process is deceptively simple. Teams spend a set amount of time on the “pound up”, where they fill up wooden forms with sand and water, before pounding and packing the sand tight. The pound up is followed by the actual sculpting, where the wood is removed from the forms in stages and the sand is carved using a variety of tools. The resulting sculptures are then judged, and a winner declared.

From July 25 to August 3, Peace Island Park will be home to the Sand Sensations BC sand carving festival – the only festival of its kind in Northern BC. This year the theme is ‘Cowboy Country.’ In addition to an exhibition by five internationally acclaimed, world title holding, professional sand artists, this year there will be both an Amateur and Family Challenge competition. The Amateur Challenge event runs from July 25 to 27, and the Family Challenge will be held on August 2.

Admission is free for spectators. If you want to take part in either of the challenges however, there is a $5 registration fee. All participants will have access to a “tips and tricks” workshop with professional sand sculptors. To register for either the Amateur or Family Challenge, please visit

It’s summer, so why not celebrate with sand and sun at Sand Sensations BC? Hitch up the wagon, load up the kids, go camping and check out the work of some incredible artists. Or cowboy up and get some sand in your boots as you pound and sculpt with the best of them. Either way, Peace Country is Cowboy Country this summer at Sand Sensations BC.

For more information, on Sand Sensations BC, check out the event listing.

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