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May 23, 2014

innovate, innovation, innovate 2014, entrepreneur, entrepreneurialWe’re a special breed of people up here in the Peace Region. We’ve got that can-do, energetic spirit that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. For Grande Prairie, currently celebrating its centennial, this can-do spirit translates into 100 years of innovation. To commemorate this, Grande Prairie is holding an innovation conference featuring speakers, innovation awards and a gala showcasing award winners and local innovators.

Innovate 2014 which started May 22, runs for two days at the Pomeroy Hotel and Conference Centre. It is one of Grande Prairie's premiere Centennial Events and will put the spotlight on the heritage and entrepreneurial spirit of the City.

Among the highlights of Innovate 2014 is a showcase of major innovators from the Peace Region. Some reflect Grande Prairie's diversified economy -- agriculture, forestry, oil and gas. Others suggest solutions for maintaining the City's remaining aspen parkland and improving delivery of green energy in the face of continued and rapid economic development, itself a source of innovation.

My Innovation Expert Ken Wong, from Queen’s University, presides over the Innovator of the Century Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner. In keeping with the centennial theme, similar prestigious honors will be awarded for Innovation of the Century and Entrepreneur of the Century.

We live in an era where businesses and organizations formerly confined to solely local development and influence can now compete internationally, regardless of their size or numbers. The essence of innovation embodies a growing global life force connecting previously scattered communities, companies and people. Emphasis on creating and maintaining a culture of innovation exceeds purely commercial considerations, leading to development of life-enhancing projects that sustain the community and improve the environment.

Grande Prairie may be celebrating 100 years of innovation but the celebration doesn’t end there. This energy and entrepreneurial spirit embodies the entire Peace Region. It is something we can celebrate and be proud of everyday.

For more information on Innovate 2014, check out the event listing.

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