Ice Is Nice

Feb 6, 2014

ice carving, ice carvers, chiselling ice, ice chisel, ice, ice artWhile we might be getting tired of the snow that’s currently blanketing the Peace Region, this week we’re happy it’s not going away anytime soon. Why is that? It’s because this weekend is Fort St. John’s 10th Annual High on Ice Winter Festival.

Ten years ago, the festival was created to celebrate Fort St John’s visual art and local culture. The goal was to offer a community-based venue to showcase, celebrate and promote the talent of local residents. We’d say this has been widely successful as the festival’s snow sculpting and ice carving workshops have helped local enthusiasts develop their skills, and have offered seasoned artists a chance to showcase their talent. Today the festival has become Fort St. John’s signature event, drawing hundreds of visitors to the city and ice carving teams from all over the world.

Although the International Ice Carving Competition and displays are a major feature of the festival, don’t let that fool you into thinking that is all there is to see. It isn’t called a winter festival for nothing - there’s so much more than ice carving to check out.

High on Ice takes place over four days and you will need to come back more than once to take in all the events and activities. Some events, such as the 3rd Annual Crystal Cup Pond Hockey Challenge and Ladies Bonspiel Tournament, take place over several days. Other events, such as the Over the Line Ball Tournament, Ice Fishing Derby and 13th Annual Chocolate Festival, take place on specific days. You’ll also have the chance to “Laugh Your Ice Off” at Glen Foster’s Comedy Show each evening at the Lido Theatre.

This is a pure celebration of the winter season and you can count on enjoying the great white north with activities such as toboggan races, sleigh rides and coloured ice creations. For those who have been there before and might be wondering... don’t worry, the ice slides are back. The ice slide carvers have been hard at work carving out awesome ice slide tracks which are sure to be enjoyed by kids and kids at heart.

Join Fort St. John in celebrating winter - bundle up, brave the cold and discover why ice is nice.

To learn more about the High on Ice Winter Festival, check out the event listing.

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