Releasing the Beat in Demmitt

Oct 17, 2013

Wil Mimnaugh DemmittThe folks at the Borderline Cultural Society are at it again, bringing the people of the Peace a wonderfully iridescent CD release party from WiL Mimnaugh.  Hailing from cow town, Mimnaugh leaves listeners enthralled by his masterful and passionate harmonies on the guitar as a roots rocker who is incapable of merely going through the motions of a show.

This album marks a first for the recording artist. “I’ve been vehemently opposed to a live record for a lot of years,” he says. “Part of it is you’ve seen shows that felt wonderful but you’d never want to hear a board mix of it.” The decision was partly out of spite against the prevalence of technology and social interest in recording everything with a smart phone or whatever is handy. Mainly, that he held the belief that concerts were situations that were made up of more than just the music, but the night and overall experience.  

The album itself was recorded live at Calgary’s Ironwood over the course of two packed nights. What came out of those two nights was a ground-up recording ranging from soft, sweet and quiet to aggressive and powerful.

WiL is a perfect fit for the indie rock sounds that come out of the Demmitt Cultural Society; his music is bound to take your mind on a melodic journey and may just take your breath away.

For more information on the WiL – CD Release Tour check out the event listing

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