Peace Region Positivity for Thanksgiving

Oct 17, 2013

Give back with We Go North It’s the time of year again, when families in the Peace Region sit down to give thanks; it is also a perfect time to spread kindness and goodwill in our community. While we all aim to give back year-round, Thanksgiving is the ultimate time to think about all we have to be grateful for and find ways to help others.

Thinking Outside the Giving-Back Box – When you think of doing volunteer work on Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is volunteering at a soup kitchen and serving up a holiday meal, which is wonderful, but likely everyone else had the same idea as you. A quick search in your local paper or online will bring up countless volunteer opportunities that will suit your family and support organizations that may not see the holiday surge in volunteers.

Rack Up the Kindness – Random Act of Kindness day in the Peace is November 1st, as a family you could brainstorm some awesome acts of kindness that you can perform on RAK Day or any day for that matter. Simple things like handwritten notes or pictures to give to strangers on the street or make up a game where everyone finds a few items to donate to a local organization.

Challenge Your Compassion – You have heard of fitness challenges, now challenge your compassion with a workable plan to give back for an extended period of time, whether it be 6 months to a year. Make a plan to donate a certain portion of your time on specific days and hold yourself accountable. Then reflect on your accomplishments once your challenge is done, we guarantee this challenge will leave you feeling richer.

We have given you some suggestions on how to make this area even more amazing than it already is, but really the sky is the limit on what you can do or how you can make a difference.

Happy Thanksgiving from the We Go North Team!

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