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Sep 4, 2013

Moose Lake We Go North Guest - written by Alex-Sandra Taylor

Tumbler Ridge is not just a mining town. It is a quaint community surrounded by majestic mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and the friendliest people around.

My husband and I have travelled a great deal throughout BC, but we had never been to Tumbler Ridge, so we packed up our trailer and our dog Joey, and embarked on a new adventure. We drove from Grande Prairie via Dawson Creek and then turned at Arras and the beauty unfolded as we drove through the mountains towards Tumbler. Don’t forget to look up – way up – as the ridges are full of the biggest windmills I have ever seen.

We parked our trailer and went in search of something to eat. There are several restaurants, but we decided on the Kinuseo Cafe where the food was good and the service was amazing. We chatted with the locals and they were full of friendly advice of all the best places to go and see, so we planned for the next day’s adventures. With over 37 signed and designated hiking trails, ranging from beginner to experienced mountaineer, it was difficult to know which ones to choose within our capabilities, which are moderate at best.

Our first hike of the day was an easy trek along the Flatbed Pools trailhead which leads along a ridge and then descends into the Flatbed Creek Valley. We viewed some of the pools from above and continued on to Overhanging Rock Pool which was spectacular and worth visiting.

Next on the itinerary was Kinuseo Falls on the Murray River in the Hart Ranges of the Rocky Mountains in Monkman Provincial Park, about 65km from Tumbler Ridge. There are two viewing platforms, one hovers over the 60 meter drop to the base of this thundering massive spectacle showcasing one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. The upper platform is a bit of a hike, but gives you another brilliant view of the face. There are river boat companies in Tumbler Ridge which offer an amazing experience cruising up the Murray River to the base of Kinuseo Falls.Kinueso Falls

The last hike of the day was Stone Corral Trail just inside the entrance of Monkman Provincial Park. This 4km hike leads through the high vertical cliffs and leads you up, and I mean up, through dense, mossy forest, creeks and ponds to 66ft deep cave.  This adventure involved steep climbs, high cliffs and some dangerous sections, but once I wiped the perspiration from my brow, the photo opportunities were limitless.

After our middle-aged bodies got some well needed rest, we were up at the crack of 9am for a day of fishing. At first we were heading to Gwillim Lake Provincial Park for a relaxing day of fishing in our pontoon boats, but the locals all told us to go to Moose Lake instead. We even saw a Mother Moose with her calf just before we turned off to the boat launch and campground. The lake is gorgeous  and the fishing was excellent. I hate to brag, but I did catch more than my husband (12 Rainbow Trout in all) and even kept a couple to cook up for dinner.

Tumbler Ridge was everything I hoped for and more, the only downside is that we couldn’t stay longer. We will definitely go back and visit this beautiful part of Northern BC.

About Our Guest Blogger

Alex-Sandra Taylor resident of the Peace Region for 8 years from the Okanagan is a local entrepreneur and photographer who loves spending her time travelling and outdoors. 

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