The Race is on to Dawson Creek

Aug 8, 2013

Dawson Creek Stampede This weekend, get out of dodge and into Dawson Creek for the 91st Annual Dawson Creek Stampede and Exhibition.

This fall fair is a much-loved event that sees the city swell from a population of 12,000 to over 30,000 visitors, guests and residents.

The event is set to feature professional riders, agricultural themed children’s games, fireworks every night and much more; one event specifically focuses on the farm-to -table trend where kids are encouraged to see for themselves how food gets from farm to store.

On the entrainment side, the crowd will welcome Alberta-born country singer Justin Ament. In the grandstand, fans can expect big antics from rodeo clown veteran Dennis Halstead.

If you’re coming for the food, there will be no lack of whimsical fare on the grounds, with all of the fan-favorites as well as some meaty festivities, including a full pig roast.

The fair for most in Dawson isn’t just any ordinary event; it’s a long-standing tradition that has spanned over generations.

“For many people that come into here… they’ve probably come from some western heritage along the line. We need to cherish and reunite ourselves with our western heritage, because for almost everybody, somebody along the line came from a farm background, maybe it was your grandpa, your uncle or whatever.” says Dawson Creek Exhibition Association president Connie Patterson.

Organizers are hopeful for good weather in order for the rodeo events to go off without a hitch; so far, this weekend is looking promising in the sunshine department.

This event is a wonderful family weekend out that would make the perfect mini vacation or even road trip.

For more information on the 91st Annual Dawson Creek Exhibition & Stampede check out the event listing.

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