Summer of Veggie Love

May 29, 2013

Shari Johnston Hammock

We Go North Guest Blogger - written by Shari Johnston 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For me, that is. Spring is such a great season. The snow has melted, the grass is growing, the hammock is ready to lounge in and I’m dreaming of farm fresh vegetables!

At our house, we entertain a lot. We cook a lot. And, in the summer, we eat a lot of vegetables. I feel like we may as well take advantage of the short summer we have and eat fresh local foods so I try to buy most of our produce locally.

This year, we’ve built a couple of raised beds in our backyard which, due to our late start, will contain mostly greens. In order to round out our supply, we’ve alsoCSA Veg joined a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture). A CSA is a cool concept where people pay for a share in a farm. For example, our CSA is through Summer’s Gold near Crooked Creek. At the beginning of the year, we pay for our share and then each week during summer, we pick up a box of fresh produce at an arranged location within Grande Prairie.

This is our second year purchasing a share at Summer’s Gold. If we weren’t able to purchase a share, we’d buy most of our produce at the local farmer’s market but, in my opinion, the CSA is super fun. I love opening the box and seeing what’s in there. It’s like Christmas for a kitchen crazed cook!

Each week, you’re at the mercy of both the farmer and the weather. You have an idea of what you’ll get in your box but you’re never 100% certain. This means, I get to play around with vegetables that I
normally don’t buy like kohlrabi and sweet mama squash. Typically, I find something that I am not familiar with and I start searching cookbooks and the internet for ideas on how to cook it.

That’s my idea of a good Tuesday night! 

Our CSA will start in late June and run until late September and there may still be shares available.

There is also the Veggie Patch, another local CSA, being run at Nature’s Way Farm in Grimshaw. 

If a CSA isn’t for you, get outside, plant a garden and soak up the sun!  Living in the Peace, you know winter is always around the corner.  Take advantage of the heat while you can!

About Our Guest Blogger

Shari Johnston has lived in Grande Prairie for ten years and is an avid home cook, local food advocate and food & drink junkie. Since 2011, she has written about her adventures, both in the kitchen and out, at her blog, Tales From A Small Kitchen. She loves everything about food:  Cooking it, reading about it, tasting it and talking about it.

If you want to keep up with all of Shari's adventures check her out online or on Facebook

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