Revved Up for a (R)evolution

May 22, 2013

Tractor Revolotuion There is going to be a revolution in the Peace. Or should we say evolution? You are invited to join the Phillip J. Currie Museum for a day of tractor fun in Wembley, this Saturday, May 25. You may not think that a vintage tractor has much in common with a dinosaur, but they are more alike than you think; two ancient specimens both roar as they roam and ruled the land at one point in time.

The day will start off with a tasty pancake breakfast at the Wembley Community Centre followed by a parade of the region’s finest old agricultural warhorses. Families are welcome to play the day away with a dino-sized assortment of activities like making a fossil cast, dinosaur hat creation, or scoring big with one of the old-fashioned games.
This year, guests are encouraged to ‘Bring a Bone’, so if you have what you could be a possible fossil you can have it examined by a paleontologist. Who knows you may end up discovering a new species… like a We Go North-a-Saurus- we like the sound of that one.

If all this fun has left you with a T-Rex sized appetite, there will also be a sizzling-hot BBQ lunch available for purchase.

If you have a tractor lover, dinosaur enthusiast or both in your family this event is the place to be!

For more information on the Vintage Tractor (R)evolution check out the event listing.

Photo Credit - Beauchamp Photography 

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