Choose Your Own Adventure

May 8, 2012

Camping Northern Alberta Kakwa No matter where you are in the Peace Country, one thing is certain there will always be a beautiful place for camping; from the rocky terrain of the Kakwa to the serene setting of one of the many lakes in our area.

The sky’s the limit of what there is to do, some go for the bountiful fishing, and others simply for the jumbo marshmallows. In any case, there's nothing like getting back to nature and leaving the hustle of life behind.

We Go North adventurers have told us that the best part about roughing it in our area is being able to enjoy the surrounding nature and wildlife. This is in contrast to sitting in an RV camper on a parking lot with scarcely a tree in sight.

Holidays spent around a roaring campfire and filled with days exploring surrounding local communities will not only expand your Northern horizons, but give visitors a new appreciation for the local and rural experience. Point your compass north next time you plan a trip, and be amazed at the gems you'll find.

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