Some Fun in Farmington This Weekend

Feb 28, 2013

Winter Fun Day Dawson Creek Currently, in the Peace Region is in the midst of a temperature lull. It is not fully winter, but also not fully spring. So what is there to do after Family Day, but before Easter? In Farmington, the answer is easy... this Saturday, March 2, you come to an all-out Winter Fun Day in Matthew’s Park, Dawson Creek.

The event, which is admission by donation, will start with a hearty pancake breakfast for all to enjoy and lead into all-day family activities. The day’s agenda will include a children’s race, log sawing competition for adults and youth, or tea boiling competition with prizes and a frying pan toss.

These winter events are becoming ever more popular with communities, encouraging residents to lose the winter blues and jump into the milder temperatures while having a whole lot of fun.

So this Saturday, why not enjoy the end of winter or the beginning of spring, at the Winter Fun Day.

For more information on the Winter Fun Day check out the event listing.

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