The Once Write a Love Letter to the Peace

Feb 26, 2013

The Once Grande Prairie Named for a unique Newfoundland phrase that means ‘imminently’, The Once will present their unique brand of music this week. With two dates booked for our region, they will be playing in Grande Prairie, Wednesday February 27, and in Fort St. John, Thursday February 28, pairing their eastern lyrical poetry with a performance that has the feel of a good old fashioned kitchen party.

The trio, comprised of Geraldine Hollett, Phil Churchill, and Andrew Dale, perform from both a place of hope and tragedy. They tell countless stories of love and life experiences through their music.

Recently returning to Canada after an extensive tour in Europe, conquering the West was the next step for the touring band. Seeing many east-coast friends over the years find home in the Peace Region, the band is expecting their two shows to be a reunion of sorts, with both new and old faces.

With three albums to their name, The Once delivers a fresh perspective on east coast music, and are beginning to take their place in the industry among Canada’s finest performers.

For more information on The Once check out both event listings on the We Go North event calendar

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