Make a Memory with CATS

Feb 13, 2013

CATS Grande Prairie The cat is out of the bag - one of Broadway’s most revered musicals is being jointly presented by the Grande Prairie Live Theatre and the GPRC. CATS is running now and has show times until Saturday, February 23, at the Douglas J. Cardinal Performing Arts Centre in Grande Prairie.

Peace Country residents are formally invited to attend the ‘Jellicle Ball’ where cats gather once a year, or in this case nightly, until late February. One-by-one, CATS are introduced in song with lyrics that stay true to the poetry of T.S. Eliot’s ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’. In fact, the entire musical is T.S. Eliot’s writing set to music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. There is no spoken dialogue, just whimsical songs and a frenzy of feline movements from playful poses to big musical numbers with tap dancing.

The GPLT, which just recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, wanted a spectacular show to kick off the 2013 season, and CATS was it. The show went into production over a year ago when GPLT secured the copyright to the play, which actually only recently became available for amateur theatre companies.

It’s a song and dance spectacular that will have you purring.

For more information on CATS check out the event listing.

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