Geared Up for a Garage Night

Jan 28, 2013

Ladies Garage Night We Go North One of the best parts of the We Go North region is the amazing snow we get, perfect for all sorts of winter activities like snowmobiling, snowboarding and ice cave hunting. The light and fluffy stuff can make for a wild adventure; the downside being sometimes the road conditions are less than desirable.

That’s where the folks at Rainbow Automotive in Grande Prairie are stepping in. No, they cannot change the road conditions, but they can host an awesome event geared for ladies to be in the know for minor garage repair.

Ladies “Where’s My Jack?” Garage Night is being hosted on January 30th at the Rainbow Automotive Shop and will give the ladies a ‘crash’ course on how to change a tire, check their oil, know what to do when the engine light is flashing or staying on solid, and more. Attendees of the garage night will also receive some one-on-one time with a technician and walk away with a car safety kit.

This event is not only a great way to build a valuable skill set, but also give ladies confidence when heading out for some winter adventures.

For more information on Ladies Garage Night check out the event listing

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