The Champagne Safari

May 2, 2012

Bedaux Hudson's Hope Tourism The infamous Bedaux-Canadian 1934 Exploration of the Sub-Arctic Region began in Hudson’s Hope. In the midst of the stagnant times of the 1930’s, flamboyant French-born American millionaire Charles Bedaux launched an attempt to cross the wilds of northern BC with Citroën halftrack vehicles. This expedition was also dubbed the “Champagne Safari".

Bedaux’s initial press release claimed the purpose of the expedition was “… to open a route between Fort St John, BC, and Telegraph Creek, BC, and to penetrate, explore and compile geographical, geological and meteorological data concerning certain unknown regions in the Canadian Rockies.”

The was one of the most bizarre expeditions to ever head into the Northern bush, and although not well planned, Mount Bedaux in northern British Columbia was named to honour these efforts.

Read the more of the story as posted from the Hudson’s Hope Museum.

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