Snow Much Fun

Jan 9, 2013

Snow Fort We Go North The team here at We Go North strongly believe that sometimes the best event can be held in your very own backyard. You just have to make it first!

We recommend building a good old fashioned snow fort. This is an activity that is great for all ages and, really, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. To ensure you are the king or queen of your snow castle, it’s best to have some building tools ahead of time.

The classic snow fort mold makes nicely shaped snow bricks, just make sure to use a little cooking spray to make perfect shapes that come out easily. If you don’t have one or if you want to have a variety of shapes, make your own molds.

Any plastic container with a handle makes a good snow mold. Cut the bottom off of a one-gallon milk jug, keeping the handle intact, to use as a makeshift mold. Plastic storage containers can be used for snow molds as well. Poke two holes in the bottom and string a rope through the holes to make a handle.

Building a snow fort when the snow is at least slightly packable is best. Fine, powdery snow won’t work very well. If the snow holds together when you squeeze it, it will work. The easier the snow packs together, the easier it will be to build your snow fort.

We like using food coloring mixed with water for that added creative touch, or using plastic cups as molds to finish off your castle.

This is a great outdoor activity that is guaranteed fun for the whole family! 

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