A Second Chance, and a True Hero

Dec 26, 2012

Janelle Morrison Fort St. John Inspiration can be found in all forms and stories, as is the one of Janelle Morrison. A local triathlete from Fort St. John who found herself forced to overcome after miraculously surviving a near-fatal car accident.

Only 3 weeks after her accident Janelle was approached by filmmaker Rob Kelly in regards to documenting her rehabilitation, successes and struggles.

Although the film process required her to come to terms with her accident and career barriers, Morrison says Kelly’s positivity throughout the filming process was a motivating factor in her recovery.

"I didn’t realize at the time, but throughout the process of having the film done, it made me come to terms with a few things. It was motivating because when you are coming back from something like that, there are a lot of doubters, and having someone take the plunge and have the faith to document what I was doing, that was really motivating. If Rob can take the plunge of faith to film my recovery, I can definitely keep going here."

The film is primarily narrated by Morrison through her a video diary, these clips are essential in providing an inside look at Janelle’s emotional journey.

This film is a wonderful example of real tragedy that was fueled by perseverance. Janelle is a real-life inspiration for our community.

"A Second Chance, The Story of Janelle Morrison" will be shown at the Lido Theatre on December 28, with Morrison to host a Q & A after the showing.

For more information on "A Second Chance, The Story of Janelle Morrison" check out the event listing.

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