Stop to Smell the Wildflowers

Apr 27, 2012

wild flowers northern alberta April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. Here in the Peace Region we are lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful wildflowers that Canada has to offer.

From now until early August, new colors will start to pepper our pathways and surrounding woods. Some blooms can be found in a variety of different habitats while others are unique to certain sites.

In the poplar woods you will find patches of the white and mauve Western Canada Violet, Bluebells, and clumps of pinky-yellow flowers are evident on the twining Honeysuckle.

In mixed-wood forests, you often have to look closely at the ground to find spring blossoms. Watch for the Bunchberry; this delicate purple twin flower can be found in patches where its stems and leaves trail across the ground.

Lastly, one of our region's most beloved deciduous shrubs bear our provincial flower the wild rose, boasting exceptionally fragrant flowers that are common throughout the region.

Hot spots for wildflowers are patches of prairie either along the Peace River or at the Kleskun Hill natural area east of Grande Prairie. Here, flowers decorate the grasslands with large swatches of colour.

Wildflowers are a constant delight, brightening up shaded forests and painting grassy meadows with colour. Photographers, artists, and naturalists are all drawn to these intricate beauties. 

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