Buying Local Rocks

Nov 26, 2012

Buy Local Peace Region Now that the holiday season is upon us, the team at We Go North has noticed copious amount of local craft sales and shows…which is awesome! We're completely enamored by handmade products and want to share this love with you.

Here are some reasons you should opt to buy local for your retail therapy:

The Artist Connection - There is nothing quite like actually meeting the person who made that item you love; hearing what influenced them, what inspired them and learning why they do what they do. That kind of personal connection to the item you buy is impossible to achieve with factory-made goods.

Handmade Right - Many people are still afraid to shop outside their comfort zone of “reliable” brand names that they recognize. They can’t imagine that a dress, scarf, or bar of soap will be as nice, as durable, and as high quality as what they are used to getting from their favorite chain store. Crafters and creators are passionate about more than their bottom line, which results in their end product being something not only high quality but one of a kind!

The Good Goes Full Circle - Local arts & crafts produce a minimal carbon footprint as little transportation is involved. Conservation is important to all of us. Much of what local artists use is recycled; including what little packaging is ever used.

That Personal Touch - Many artists will custom make work to your specification. If you need a gift for a special occasion or something for a special event, provided that you allow enough time, the artist will make to your requirements.

Craft shows, teas, and artist markets don’t just support the artists and crafters you buy from; but also the venue where the show is located, those that hosted the event, and the surrounding community all benefit.

Check out the We Go North events calendar to find all sorts of local sales and shows.

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