Sharing Stories of Kindness

Nov 9, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Day Grande Prairie We Go North is proud to be a supporter of Random Acts of Kindness Day, November 9th, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie. This movement is based on our community members sharing and paying it forward, inspiring even the smallest notions of kindness.

We would like to share some of the remarkable stories with our readers to brighten your day in hopes that it will inspire everyone to stand up for kindness, not just today but every day. Some are big, some are small, and all are touching:

Once, many years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was scheduled for a mastectomy. That morning I attended a college class in which the husband of a good friend was also a student. Most mornings we said hello to one another and that was about it—he would sit with his guy friends, and I usually sat alone. When he entered class that morning, he came and sat next to me. He never mentioned my mom; never talked about the situation at all...he just sat next to me and chatted a bit. That was the day I learned that sometimes the kindest act is just to BE there... and I always remember this as one of the most touching acts of kindness I've ever received.

My daughter asked to give a muffin to her bus driver and teacher for driving and teacher each day. She is 8 years old.

I had a cashier give me a toonie so I could take the bus downtown. It was cold today and my daughter and I were heading shopping. I had no change and was trying to get cash back, and that was the third store I had tried. The clerk said that they couldn't give me cash back but took a toonie out of her pocket and gave it to me; told me to keep my little one warm. I think tomorrow I am going to bring her a coffee at work to say thank you!

While shopping at a local grocery store, this kind lady and her kind husband heard two little boys ask their mom if she would buy ice cream so they could make ice cream sundaes. They also heard the mom lean over and whisper to her boys that they couldn't afford it. The kind lady was immediately taken back to her days when she was single mom and she remembered how tough it was to make ends meet while raising her family. When the cashier finished ringing through all the single mom's groceries, the kind husband stepped forward and used his debit card to pay the $180.00 grocery bill for the single mom. The mother was in tears as she thanked the kind couple. And, the kind lady was in tears as she told us the story. It made her feel so good to know that she and her kind husband could take care of the single mom's needs and lift the load—even if it was only for a moment.

I saw a lady pull over by the college intersection yesterday to help a older gentleman whose wheelchair was stuck in the snow. As she pulled away a young man came jogging across the road and helped him across the large intersection as he was struggling to make headway.

These are just a handful of the extraordinary stories that are happening throughout the Peace Region—if you want to share your random act of kindness or log some check out the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie’s Kindness Meter.

For more information on Random Act of Kindness Day check out the event listing.

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