Making Kindness Count

Nov 8, 2012

Random Act of Kindness Day Grande PrairieWe Go North has joined forces with the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie for Random Act of Kindness Day, happening Friday, November 9th. We have decided to dedicate today's and tomorrow’s blog spots to this incredible movement.

So, just what is a random act of kindness? Basically this day is one to celebrate people’s generosity and encourage others to pay those “acts of kindness” forward. “We live in an amazing community where so much kindness happens every day. Let’s take a moment to not only recognize when someone does something nice for us, but to also do something nice in return,” says Tracey Vavrek, Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie.

Random Act of Kindness is more than a day, it is an entire movement; November 9th is merely a day to be mindful and consider how we treat the people in our life and how those little niceties add-up and matter.

We live in an amazing region full of opportunities. Many of us are busy and not able to take the time to fully appreciate just how lucky we are. Both We Go North and the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie is encouraging people to do something nice for someone else and to ask nothing in return. It’s a simple and effective way to build a better community.

Committing a Random Act of Kindness is truly a way to serve from the depth of your heart; the feeling you get when you do it and then sharing it with others.

Smile at a stranger, plug a meter, pay someone a compliment, these are all things that matter.

All acts of kindness can be recorded and shared on the Community Foundation of Greater Grande Prairie Kindness Meter

For more information on Random Act of Kindness day check out the event listing.

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