The Spoken Word from Across Canada

Oct 22, 2012

Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Cafe FSJ If you cannot remember the last time you actually heard someone tell you a story, not a conversation but an actual story, then we think it is time for you to head over to the ‘Vinyl Café'.  This Tuesday, October 23, Stuart McLean and his repertoire of stories from the Vinyl Café will be coming to the North Peace Cultural Centre.

Whether Dave and Morley have been in your living room many times before or if you’re now asking yourself who the heck Dave is; these are stories that connect Canadians through experience and familiarity.

Mclean, a writer, author, journalist and a storyteller dips into small towns and big cities from across Canada taking and giving stories from each along the way. McLean, as usual, will be accompanied by a musical guest; Harry Manx will hit the stage with Mclean, performing his own blend of blues and folk.

For more information on Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Café check out the event listing.

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