The Man Who Lives With Bears

Oct 15, 2012

Living with Bears Lido TheaterCharlie Russell is a naturalist known for his unique connection with bears. After spending five decades with these animals, he has become a firm believer that you get what you give with wildlife.

Beginning his study of the creatures in Russia’s Kamchatka region, he was granted deep access into bear territory. Two common notions concerned him - that grizzly bears are unpredictable, and that they are inherently dangerous if they lose fear of people. His extensive experience led him to reject both beliefs.

There is no denying that bears can be dangerous, but Russell argues that modern management increases the risk.

Russell has made his life into a bear-human relations experiment and is now telling his incredible story to audiences across Alberta.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast you are sure to enjoy the presentation from Russell, Living with Bears is on tonight, October 15, at The Lido Theater.

For more information on ‘Living with Bears’ check their event listing.

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