Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving

Oct 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Grande Prairie We're not sure if the team here at We Go North were the only ones surprised by the upcoming long weekend, as it seems that the turkey bird is coming a week early this year. As we strive to be the aficionados on things to do in the Peace we asked ourselves, what is there to do on Thanksgiving?

It seems every family has the same conundrum: Either waiting for the turkey to be done or how to full the lull after pumpkin pie. How can you avoid being stuck on the couch watching mindless movies? We have some great suggestions for you.

Get up and Go – No better way to burn off some of those post-meal calories then to head out for a walk around your neighborhood or check out some trails in your local area. We think you’ll agree that afterward, you will be thankful you live in such a gorgeous area.

Turkeys of the Pinecone Persuasion – While on ypur walk, or even while in the yard, have all the kiddies gather some pinecones of any shape or size. Cut out colorful turkey feathers from colored constructions paper and glue your Thanksgiving turkey together. Insert the feathers in between the pine cone leaves. Use red felt to make the turkey’s comb. Now, you have a souvenir from the day!

Show some Northern Spirit – Seems most folks sit down to dinner and all the fixins between 2 and 4pm, leaving plenty of time to make it down to the local soup kitchen to lend a hand. Extending generosity beyond your own family’s blessings will leave you with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Only 78 days left – From Thanksgiving Monday there are only 78 days until Christmas, so use the holiday as the perfect gathering to pick names for presents. If you aren’t the secret Santa type, why not pick names for a humorous prediction or lifestyle change for everyone there.

Game On – Board games are a great way to get everyone involved and they are a riot. You may find yourself signing up for more game nights not just on the holidays.

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and if you so feel the urge post your turkey day pictures on our Facebook page or send them to

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