Thank You, We Go North Pioneers!

Apr 20, 2012

We Go North LogoOur post today is dedicated to all the partners and supporters who have already joined the We Go North tourism initiative.

We're constantly innovating to make our project better. You're going to see a lot of changes coming up in the future!

Changes that we've implemented since launch include some fancy back-end things that helps us be more efficient. More importantly, we've created new pages that will help explain what We Go North is, who we'd love to see involved and how, and what we're doing to promote the region.

We also wanted to let everyone know that our board keeps us accountable and on track to reach our goal of promoting the North. Our non-profit organization was created to do just that, and we think we're off to a great start!

Visitors to the site are invited to use our current resources, such as our event calendar, Discover the North search page, and map page to find Partners and Events around the region.

We also use our Facebook page and Twitter feed to inform our followers about what's happening around the region. Why not share with us your experiences? We'd love to see your photos and videos with you enjoying your Northern adventures.

We have so many ideas and projects coming in the future that will really present the North in its best light. We really appreciate your support, and invite you to share our goals with others. As momentum is gained, you're really going to see the power of what we're all capable of doing together.

Thank you to all who have supported us so far. Fittingly for our area, you are pioneers in a We Go North adventure!

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