Let's Go to the Show: The Lido Theater

Sep 17, 2012

The Lido Theater Fort St. John Since We Go North started not long ago, we have already developed a great appreciation for some of the amazing landmark venues in the Peace Region. One that has really caught our eye is The Lido Theater in Fort St. John.

There are possibly many long-time residents that have no idea about the deep-rooted music scene that is in Fort St. John. Like a club in a mini-Seattle, the Lido is a breeding ground for true music and performance.

The Lido Theater was originally constructed as a cinema in 1957. For 45 years, the Lido was the only movie theater in the area, closing in 2002 when the new Landmark Cinema opened. However, in 2007, the Lido came back to life when new owner Brian Kirschner re-energized the tired theater with new enthusiasm and vivacity.

The Lido Theater is now the cultural hub of the area, buzzing with fresh and raw talent weekly. Brian and his team have rekindled what it feels like for an audience to be one with the show.

If you have not had an opportunity to take in a show at The Lido Theater there are copious of events each month to attend. The Lido Theater will transport you to various eras of music through absolute pure entertainment; the Lido is a must see! 

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