Become a Geocache Fossil Hunter

Sep 5, 2012

Fossil Hunter Geocache Pipestone It seems as though the traditional scavenger hunt has gotten a modern makeover that is fun for kids and adults. Geocaching is the latest craze in outdoor adventures. Outdoor scavengers hunt in teams using GPS systems to navigate them to secret locations looking for boxes that can provide treasure or valuable and interesting information.

If you are an avid geocacher or looking to try out this new hiking adventure experience, this Saturday, September 8th, the Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative is putting on their Fossil Hunter Geocache.

Everyone is encouraged to come scrounge through the bushes, splash through the river, and follow the clues that will lead you on a fun, but wild adventure.

The Fossil Hunter Geocache event will also include tours of the nearby dinosaur dig site, fossil handling, face painting, exhibit displays by the GPRC, natural history displays and interpretation by Saskatoon Island Provincial Park and a BBQ lunch.

This is a great event to for all, just don’t blame us when you become a geocache addict!

For more information check out the event listing.

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