Tell us How it is With Your Reviews

Aug 30, 2012

Review We Go North Do you ever get somewhere and think, “Gee, I wish someone would have told me… bring a camera, to park in the spare lot, or about these amazing candy apples!”

We Go North is dedicated to spreading the word of great locations and events in the north and we need your help.

Why not spread the good word by reviewing different events and locations you have been to in the Peace? You can review right on our website in the event or partner listing.

One of the biggest hindrances most people face when deciding what to do is the unknown factor, so many questions like is this event kid friendly? Do they take credit? Who better than to give the inside scoop than those who go to these events!

So if you kayaked to Kakwa, got caught up in the GP Corn Maze or do double time at the Dave Barr let the world know!

If you dont know where to start, check out some of these event listings

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